Toyota Camry Hybrid Features

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Toyota Camry Hybrid Features

Smart, spacious and packed with the latest technology, every inch of the Camry from Mildura Toyota has been designed for comfort, performance and safety. Find out below why you should choose Camry Hybrid.

Efficiency, Without Compromise

Efficiency, Without Compromise

Built around the world’s leading, most tried and tested hybrid technology, Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive® (HSD) comes standard in Camry Hybrid models and delivers remarkable fuel efficiency without compromising performance. The intelligent energy management system seamlessly synergises the car’s petrol engine with its electric motor so each power unit either supports the other or takes over completely, depending on the driving situation.

The electric motor in the Hybrid Synergy Drive® (HSD) system generates enough power to drive the car on its own, meaning the petrol engine isn’t needed at ignition or low speed.

It kicks in whenever you call for more power, accelerate hard, or cruise at high speed. And because the battery is kept charged through normal driving and recaptures energy from braking and deceleration, it provides all the power the electric motor needs.

4 Key Benefits

4 Key Benefits

The peaceful performance of the electric ‘EV’ mode, combined with the high-performance soundproofing materials throughout the engine and passenger  compartments, delivers a uniquely tranquil driving experience.

4 Key Benefits

By ensuring high-level fuel efficiency, Hybrid Synergy Drive® helps minimise the output of CO2 and other harmful emissions. All of Toyota’s hybrid vehicles are designed to comply with relevant global exhaust emissions regulations.

4 Key Benefits

The aerodynamic styling of Toyota’s hybrid vehicles, and clever pairing of an electric motor and robust petrol engine, deliver significant fuel economy. Each vehicle also provides ongoing feedback via its Multi Information Display (MID), so you can actively evaluate and change the way you drive for even greater efficiency.

4 Key Benefits

Hybrid Synergy Drive® combines the power of two energy sources to deliver powerful, smooth acceleration. Your vehicle can be powered by electricity, petrol, or a combination of both – and it’s discreet and seamless.

How the Hybrid System Works

How the Hybrid System Works
Toyota Service Advantage Badge

Camry Hybrid Toyota Service Advantage

When you buy a new Camry Hybrid, you don't have to worry about your service costs. With the Toyota Service Advantage you'll pay the same low prices from one log book service to the next.

Every new Camry Hybrid at Mildura Toyota is entitled to up to 5 standard scheduled services at $140* for the first 4 years or 75,000km whichever occurs first.

Toyota Service Advantage is available to eligible customers* for new current model vehicles sold.

Mildura Toyota New Vehicles Manager

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